From the AshesFrom the Ashes

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【片名】: From the Ashes
【地區】: 英國
【影片類型】: 驚悚 / 恐怖
【影片年代】: 2011
【導演】: James Erskine
【主演】: 湯姆·哈迪 / Ian Botham / Kim Hughes
【時長】: 92 minutes
【上映時間】: 2011-05-10 (UK & Ireland)
【imdb】: tt1891806
【評分】: 0.0 0.0 (2人評分)
【標簽】: 紀錄片 / UK / TomHardy / 湯姆·哈迪


From The Ashes is the incredible story of English cricket s greatest ever comeback. It s the summer of 1981 and in the midst of a heated Ashes battle, iconic all-rounder Ian Botham is sacked as England Captain with England 1-0 after two tests. Having been told by selectors that if he hadn t resigned, he would have been sacked anyway, not only is his career on a tightrope but English cricket is on the verge of total humiliation.nNarrated by Tom Hardy.